What is exactly Keiko’s Cake and Pastry Friends?

Her baking tutorials are hands on the best out there. Food is life and we should embrace it. Baking is a thing we human do and it’s the way we connect to each other, it brings us together.

This is one thing you’ll do along with your kids or partner, making cakes and pastries from a wide range of ingredients, the final process of all this is therefore pleasing. These chefs understand the dark art of chocolate work and Chef Keiko is one in all the best Chefs out there.

Chef Keiko offers coaching and training modules, that she calls bundles. This are skilled tutorials at an oversimplified level with recipes videos and books. Keiko may be an extremely gifted chef willing to share her personal recipes and ideas.
The content within the bundles is wonderful, I am impressed with the amount of detail in them. Learn the precise the way to prepare delicious cakes and pastries. There is a life time of baking and love and care that goes into these recipes is extraordinary.

There is one thing marvelous from baking your own cakes and pastries. There is quite nothing better and self-satisfaction from baking. Create delicious pastries, cakes, gateau’s, cheesecakes and macaroons, with straightforward with easy to follow recipes.

You will learn how to bake cakes but also bake cookies and pastries from this excellent program. You will find out how to improve the finishing touches on your cakes improve the overall look of your cakes.

 After reading reviews of alternative programs of this kind within the market, you’ll learn that this is often the most effective product. What I enjoy the most from this program is that it offers you a member’s platform were you will be able to discuss with skilled bakers all your questions and help you solve problems.

How the Program Works

The e-book teaches you on the best ways to bake cakes, ranging from the easy ones to the advanced ones. The videos that accompany the programs consists of 7 hours of illustrations which will guide you on the way to bake easily and well explained steps.

These videos can guide you thru each step for baking and decorating your cakes. The e-book primarily guides you thru each step of the pastry method in a consecutive order manner, ensuring that nothing is left out and explaining each step adequately.

You do not need to change your approach through each one of the recipes in this program. The recipes taught by this program aren’t only delicious however also healthy to your body.

What is included in this Program?

  • You get access to the member areas of keikos-cake.com (cake guides, videos, forums) right after registration.
  • The membership includes over 150 of Chef Keiko’s exclusive cake guides.
  • They’re all shown within the cake gallery.
  • Your initial charge for the first month is going to be $19. You’ll then be charged $8 per month. If you like one payment with no subscription, use the 6-months option.
  • You can terminate your membership at any time.
  • What if you’re not satisfied? No problem… you get a full 60-day-money-back-guarantee! therefore, there’s very no risk

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